It Hurt So Good!

My best friend, Laura had been working at the State Fairgrounds in the concession stands. Her brother was the warehouse manager & got us into the fair for free. I saw a guy in the warehouse working hard. I couldn't stop looking at him, but I didn't say anything to Laura because even though I was a virgin, she was pretty wild & loved screwing guys she knew I liked. They were never my boyfriends because she would sleep with them before I could get to know them & then that was it. Once she screwed them, I didn't want them anymore. This guy was special, so I didn't let her know I liked him. About 2 weeks later, her brother asked if I wanted a job. I said, "Yes," and started the next morning. That's when I met him & learned his name was David. I got into the back of the delivery van he was driving & the first words he ever said to me were, "Hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride." We got to the stand where another girl was going to train me and I didn't see him again that day. The next morning I found out he was seeing a woman named Cindy who 3. I was really disappointed that he was taken, but decided to avoid talking to him for fear that someone would see that I had a crush on him. I became friends with one of David's friends, Jeremy, who became like a little brother to me, & after a few months I started dating a guy here & a guy there, but never anything serious. Finally one night in May, my best friend Laura said, "Last night I partied with David & Jeremy. Since were all off for Mother's Day tomorrow, do you want to see if they want to party with us tonight?" I was a little shy being a virgin & having a crush on David but I was afraid she would go without me & end up sleeping with him, so I agreed to go with her. That night, we partied with them at David's apartment. After a few hours, Jeremy walked out the front door. Laura had been flirting with him the whole time so David said, "He's leaving, you better go get him!" Laura dashed out the door leaving me alone with David. We were sitting at the counter & he was on my right. We made a little small talk at first & then gradually started opening up with real conversation. After a while, he mentioned that Laura & Jeremy had been gone a long time. I said, "She thinks I like Jeremy, but he's not the one I wanted." That's when I turned to look at him & he kissed me. It was deja-vu. I had dreamed this exact moment about 2 months before & had even told Laura about it. She just asked me why I would dream about David & I said I didn't know. I didn't want her to go after him. Anyhow, the kiss was electric & since we had been drinking quite a bit, I felt pretty uninhibited, but I asked him about Cindy. He said he hadn't been seeing her since she broke up with him on New Year's Eve. He pulled me up & led me over to his couch. He laid me down & continued kissing me. His warm strong hands felt wonderful all over my body. He slowly began removing my clothes & I didn't resist. I was a little surprised at myself but I had liked him for so long, it was like a dream come true. I wanted him to take me. He seemed so experienced that it made me feel safe & comfortable. He kept telling me what a great kisser I was & how soft my skin was. He slid my jeans off & worked his way down my body, kissing my stomach & stroking my hips & thighs. He kissed down my thigh & moaned that I had great legs. Lavishing my legs with passionate kisses, he began sliding my panties down. There he had me completely naked, lying beneath him, ready willing & able. He walked over, locked the door, & turned on some sultry music. He came back to me & laid between my legs, pressing himself into me. I wrapped my legs around him & felt myself getting really wet. He leaned back a little & with one hand, began unbuttoning his jeans. Just as the last button came undone, the doorknob jiggled. Then there was a loud knocking. Then we heard Laura throwing a fit about her purse being inside & to, "open the fucking door now!" I couldn't believe that after I had waited patiently for her so many times to get laid by one guy or another, that she had the nerve to do this to me. For all she knew, we could already be in the middle of my deflowering, but she didn't care. We hoped they would get the messege & go wait in Jeremy's truck for a while, but instead, she just got louder. Finally David handed me my clothes & buttoned his jeans. When I was dressed, he unlocked the door & I went to the bathroom. Laura stormed into the bathroom with me & asked what happened. I said, "Nothing thanks to you! I could have been right in the middle of losing my virginity & I would never have forgiven you for that." She giggled & apologized & I heard Jeremy saying, "I'm sorry man." to David. Then Laura said that she had lost her favorite spoon ring that her father had given her before he died, so she was really freaking out & insisted that we all help her find it. By that time, the sun was coming up & we had to look all over the parking lot because they said they had fucked up against several different cars. We eventually found it in Jeremy's truck. We all went to breakfast together & then went home. A few days later, I was at Laura's house & I told her that we had made plans to get together again. I said, "Tomorrow, I'm going to David's when he gets off work & Jeremy better not be there because we want to be alone. I'm gonna jump his bones!" Laura was shocked to hear me talk that way, but I didn't care. I had waited long enough! I was ready! Finally, the next evening arrived. I had spent much longer than usual, bathing, primping, & preening. I wanted to feel sexy & look good for him. When I got to his apartment, he was just getting home from work & had stopped off to pick up 2 dinner salads. I had brought him a single long-stemmed rose from my garden in a small bud vase. At first I was really nervous. But as we ate & talked I began to relax more & more. After about an hour, the conversation became a little flirtatious & he kissed me. Wouldn't you know it, there was a knock at the door. David jumped up & said, "I told Jeremy not to come over before 10!" Sure enough, he opened the door & in walked Jeremy. He pointed at me & said, "Don't go anywhere, Laura's on her way over here." I was so pissed! I said, "I told her I wanted to be alone with David tonight, what is she doing coming over here?" He said she was worried about me & wanted to make sure I was alright. Bullshit! I thought. Soon, she came in the door. David said he was going to go check his mail & walked out the door. Laura & Jeremy both converged upon me & asked what happened. I said, "NOTHING, YET! Did you think we were just gonna jump on each other instantly? We just started to kiss when Jeremy knocked on the door!" They laughed & apologized, again. But they didn't leave. Laura said, "I didn't drive all this way for nothing, let's all go bowling!" David came back inside & got a bottle of Wild Turkey from his cabinet. They all took a few hits off of the bottle & insisted I do the same. I figured I was so pissed, I better loosen up a little so the entire night wouldn't be ruined. Laura made herself a drink in a Sonic cup & we piled into David's car. Driving around in the rain for awhile we decided that all of the bowling allys were closed so we went back to David's apartment. By the time we got there, Laura was passed out drunk in the back seat & the guys had to carry her inside. They put her on the couch & she kept rolling off onto the floor. I was mad at her & told them to just leave her there. Jeremy laid on the couch & reached down to rub Laura's back. David & I sat on the love seat at the other end of the room. Pretty soon, Jeremy was asleep too & it was almost like being alone. We started getting a little turned on & began kissing & touching each other. He was stroking my thigh with his left hand & telling me how good it felt to touch me. He slid his hand up to my crotch which was very hot & quite wet by this time. My hips began to grind as I pressed my pussy against his hand. He kissed my neck & I felt a sudden flooding of juices between my legs. I said, "I want to feel you inside me so bad." He looked into my eyes & said, "You know I don't have a bed in my room. That's why I sleep on the couch." I said, "I don't care." So we went into his room. There was a walk-thru closet between his bedroom & the bathroom so I braced myself in the doorway & reveled in his touch as he ran his hands all over my body. He unbuttoned my blouse as he kissed me & then slid my shorts down to the floor. I was on fire. He knelt down & began kissing & licking my hips & thighs as he slowly slid my panties down. His hands began stroking & squeezing my ass as I felt his tongue work its way towards my virginal mound. My entire body trembled with pleasure & excitement. He stood back up & pulled me close to him, kissing me passionately. Placing his hand in my lower back, he guided me down onto the soft carpet where he continued lavishing my entire body with kisses & light nibbles. He eventually worked his way to my pussy. His hot breath & soft wet tongue felt incredible. He flicked his tongue against my swollen clit & gently sucked it between his eager lips. Lapping, flicking, & sucking my sensitive button, he drove me wild. It was the best thing in the world! I was loving every of it & all the while thinking to myself, "This is it. After tonight, I will never be a virgin again. What will it feel like to have him inside me? How much will it hurt? I can't wait." He paused for a moment & asked me if I was sure. I just smiled & said, "Yessssss, yessssss, yessssss..." That's when he reached down to unbutton his jeans. This time, there were no interruptions. I loved watching his hand pulling apart the buttons & then, there it was! It sprung out of his jeans very hard & swollen. My heart leapt into my throat for a as I tried to anticipate what was about to happen. The reality of it all was so exciting. I reached out to feel it in my hand. It was warm & silky smooth, but really stiff. He moaned when I took it into my hand & gently stroked it once or twice before letting go. He immediately began kissing down my neck to my chest. He kissed, licked, & sucked my nipples then kissed back up to my neck again as he started to push his blood engorged cockhead against my tight virgin hole. At first, it didn't go in, so he pushed a little harder. My eyes almost popped out when I felt a tearing sensation as it went inside me. It burned a little at first, but by the time he worked it all the way in, I was moaning with pleasure, "Oh, my God, it hurts soooooo goooooood, yesssss!" It was fantastic & I never wanted it to end. He gently slid it in & out at first but the more I would grind against him, the faster he would go. I knew we weren't alone, but I didn't care who heard me. I couldn't stop telling him how good it felt & how much I loved having him in me. Suddenly I realized I had grabbed the skin on his back & was squeezing & digging my fingernails into him. I let go & started gently rubbing where I must have hurt him. But he never complained about it. He just kept pumping his big hard dick into me faster & harder. I was loving it! It was better than anything I had ever felt in my life! Our breathing became more & more rapid as I continued telling him, "Oh, yesssss, fuck meeeee, fuck meeeee, I love it!" Suddenly, I felt a powerful wave of electricity start at my toes & shoot through my pussy up to my nipples & back down to my toes. My clit pulsated against the shaft of his pounding prick. My orgasm took complete control of my body as I reveled in its ecstasy. When I managed to cry out the words, "!" That's when I saw the look in his eyes & felt his body tense as he pushed as hard as he could into my pussy. His cock jerked & spasmed inside my convulsing wet tunnel. After I came all over him & he came all inside of me, we lay breathlessly together for a few moments before he went to get a blanket, two cigarettes, an ash tray & some water. He lit my cigarette & when I took the first drag I couldn't believe how sweet it tasted. Like it had been dipped in sugar. I asked him, "Is it supposed to taste this sweet?" He said, "If you do it right." We giggled & snuggled the rest of the night. That was June 1, 1989. June 1st, 1990 he asked me to marry him. June 1st, 1991 we got married. We've been married now for s & he was right, it has been a pretty bumpy ride, but now we have 4 small children & although we have had a lot of great sex over these s, I'll never forget how wonderfully sweet it was the very first time.