35 Protips For AMAZING Sex!



1. Look her in the eyes as you stick it in.

Gentlemen- If the position allows for it, look your lady in the eyes for that initial thrust- it’s near guaranteed to get her going a bit more right from the start (it feels like you’re ‘in tune’ or some shit, I dunno) and that’ll pay off for both of you the rest of the time!

2. Make a little noise, boys.

Guys: even if you’re not the moaning type, do it if you’re really enjoying it. Not crazy, screaming moaning. But if you’re feeling good, make a little noise. My SO just did this last week and I was turned on like never before

3. Butt plugs for women!

For everyone engaging in hetero sex, I must recommend butt plugs for women. They are the best things ever. Why? Because the vagina and the anus share a common wall. This means that anything you put in a girl’s ass will make her pussy tighter. With my last girlfriend we worked our way up from beginner toys to one of my own girth (slightly above average, nothing crazy), to her the added tightness made it feel like my dick was as thick as a soda can, if that sounds like too much, you can always stick to smaller toys. Side benefit, they loosen up the anus, making anal sex more comfortable.

4. Ask her to rub one out while you watch.

Ask your girl to masturbate for you. She’ll love the intimate attention and you get to learn exactly what she likes.

5. When she screams “YES!” keep doing it exactly the same; when he screams “YES!” go harder and faster.

When a girl says ‘Yes! Yes!’ – keep doing exactly what you are doing otherwise you’ll just fuck it up.
If a guy says that, do it harder and faster.

6. If she presses against you while you’re going down on her, do it harder; if she pulls away, do it lighter.

When you go down on a girl, if she presses against you, it means do it harder. If she pulls away, it means do it more gently.

7. Tell her to squeeze your hand if what you’re doing feels good.

If you are going down on a girl, hold her hand ask her to squeeze if what your doing feels good.

8. Lick her inner thigh to disgorge that pubic hair in your mouth.

If you get a hair in your mouth when going down on a girl, just stick your tongue out and lick her inner thigh. Its drier and non-hairy so the hair will stay and she will just think your mixing it up a bit. It can kill the mood when you have to stop to fish the hair out with your hands.

9. Put a pillow under her butt during missionary position.

During missionary, place a pillow under the female’s butt. The male will penetrate deeper, and rub against the G-Spot with each thrust. Also, a footboard makes for deeper penetration/ great calf exercise!

10. Massage her clit and nipples while in the spooning position; this will make her “cum violently.”

I’ve yet to find a woman that doesn’t love the following move:
When in the spooning position during sex, use your free hands to massage the clit and nipples. You can get a motion going where you’re pumping in and out with your penis, while rubbing on and off of the clit with one free hand and working the nipples with the other. I’ve found that most girls cum violently when this move is applied correctly.

11. Massage her inner thigh.

Massage her inner thigh. Trust me on this. I’m a girl. It will drive her wild.

12. Pull her ass to the foot of the bed and kneel on the floor to go down on her.

When going down on a woman pull her bottom to the end of the bed. This way you can stand on your knees on the floor and you will not strain your neck or be uncomfortable. Go longer and have more pleasure for both of you.

13. Open your mouth while blowing him—he’ll feel a tingle.

When giving a blowjob, and you are pulling away from the penis, open your mouth wider to let some air through and suck in (so he can feel the air rushing). He is will feel the cold air come in and it will create a tingly contrast against your warm mouth. Boyfriend loves this every time I do it

14. Exhale through the nose while blowing him.

I seem to see a lot of best-for-women tips here. That said, my favorite tip which makes me go deeper down on another guy is to slowly exhale (through the nose). For some reason it retards the gag reflex, allowing me to go just about fully down. Plus, at such a slow speed, he really enjoys it…

15. Use your hand as a “mouth extension” while blowing him.

When you give a blowjob, use your hand in combination with your mouth and synchronize your strokes so that your hand is basically working as an extension of your mouth. Helps those who easily gag and gives you an extra four or five inches of “mouth.”

16. Moan or hum while blowing him.

Moan or hum while giving a blowjob; guys like to know you’re enjoying yourself (if you’re not, touch yourself too), and the vibrations can feel good.

17. Diddle the male G-spot.

Men have G-spot too, their prostate. Use a lot of lube when you play with the back door. Silicon lube is better, because unlike water-lob, it doesn’t dry so you don’t have to put it on again and again.
Men can have an orgasm from the prostate and from the penis in the same time. I’m not a man, so I can’t tell if it’s good, but it sound pleasant.

18. When she’s on top, do the “Mr. Spock” hand signal at the base of your junk.

When a girl is on top, make your hand do the ‘Spock’ symbol from Star Trek. Then put the base of your penis between your middle and ring finger. This allows the girl to grind her clit on your knuckle while being penetrated.

19. Use your middle finger and ring finger on her G-spot—like Spider-Man throwing a web.

When fingering someone, especially if you’re simultaneously going down on her, use your middle finger and your ring finger, rather than your middle finger and your index finger. (Think: looks like Spider-Man throwing a web.) These fingers are longer, and when you curl them in an upward motion, they hit the G-spot just right. They’re also more maneuverable if you’re flat on your chest with your elbows supporting your weight, which is the best position in which to go down on a lady.

20. When she’s on top, have her grind her hips rather than move up and down.

When your girl is on top, instead of having her move up and down just have her stay down and grind her hips back and forth. It stays deep and feels great.

21. Finger her while she’s blowing you.

Guys: Finger her while she’s blowing you. You can feel her moaning (which is sexy as fuck) and it gives you a sort of control over her – the harder or more gently you go, she follows suit. Besides, she’ll be more than happy to blow you for 45 minutes straight if you’re keeping her legs shaking the whole time. Just saying.

22. Don’t slide it all the way in until she’s ready to cum.

Something that me and an ex would do -
Get her to masturbate for you while you lay over her. While she does that you can focus on kissing neck, ears, nipples etc. While she rubs her clit, slide just the tip of yourself in. The guys will have a lot of self-control while this is going on. She will soon tell you she’s about to cum.. As she is slide the rest of your penis into her and feel her cum on you. She swore that this was a great way to orgasm and it was always an intense one for her. We would sometime do this in the spoon position that got her to squirt a few times.

23. Get her labia engorged before touching her clit.

When going down on a girl ignore the clit. Work her pussy lips until they’re super engorged. I mean fat. Once its like that work the clit for all your worth. She’ll be comparing guys to you for the rest of her life.

24. Jack off an hour before sex to delay orgasm.

for guys: jack off an hour or so before you know your going to have sex. You last twice a long

25. Count backward from 100 by 7s to delay orgasm.

A bit late, but for my fellow guys who have a bit of trouble lasting: alternate the Fibonacci sequence (look it up if you don’t know how, I can’t link on mobile) and counting down from 100 by 7s in your head, while holding your breath as long as you can. Eg: 1 100 1 93 2 86 3 79 5 72 8 65…

26. Put a tiny dab of toothpaste on the male urethra to delay orgasm.

Tiniest bit of toothpaste on the sensitive part of your dick lets you last. For. Ever. Seriously, barely any

27. Smack yourself in the balls to delay orgasm.

If you’re about to finish during sex, smack yourself in the balls light enough that it won’t hurt, but hard enough that you feel it.

28. Spell out the alphabet with your tongue.

While giving a blowjob, rapidly spell out the alphabet with your tongue on the tip of his penis – then switch back to deep-throating to provide different types of stimulation. It drives guys crazy and, when my friends tried this tip (no pun intended), they said it was very well received and – and it is now their go-to technique.

29. Put lube on the male urethra before slipping on a condom, and you almost won’t know the difference.

Put a tiny bit of lube on the tip of your dick before putting the condom on. It’s as close to rawdog as you can get while still wrapping your tool.

30. Don’t just lick the clit—suck it, too.

Suck the clit into your mouth a little while licking. Then release. Then do it again.
20 minutes later you will have a very good sandwich made for you.

31. Masturbate to stay awake.

Years ago when driving home after work at 4 am. I was so tired to the point of almost falling a sleep at the wheel. Instead of pulling over to nap. I whipped it out and started stroking it. Kept me wide away for the 62 miles home.

32. Masturbate to relieve a headache.

When I have a headache I masturbate.

33. Masturbate to relieve a stomachache.

When I have a stomachache, usually from an allergic reaction I can make it go away 99% of the time by jerking off. I’ve reasoned that the same part of the brain that is responsible for pain is the same part of the brain that controls arousal (sexual) so by stimulating myself I take away the part of the brain that can feel that horrible gut wrenching pain.

34. Cocaine + Viagra = Sextasy

Cocaine makes you horny as all fuck, but causes impotence. The good news is that since Viagra is a vasodilator which lowers blood pressure, it not only gets you hard as a rock, but acts as a safety mechanism for your heart if you happened to have ingested too much cocaine. In other words, mixing coke and Viagra not only combats impotence, but is also rather safe!

35. Give her a hot-towel massage to clean up after sex; it will lead to more sex.

in the event you finish all over a lady. encourage her to sit tight and instead of just going for tissues/paper towels, get a cloth hand towel and drench with hot water, making sure to wring it out. your cleanup has now turned into a de-facto hot towel massage. additionally, she now doesn’t have to leave the bed to go wash up and you can get right to wrapping up with her. Lovemaking doesn’t stop just because you’ve both come.